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  • Up to : 11/29/24
  • Campus of Valencia
  • Language: English
  • Online

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Instituto Interuniversitario de Investigación de Reconocimiento Molecular y Desarrollo Tecnológico

Lead by :
Salvador Seguí Chilet

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Course modality

Face-To-Face Online Live broadcast

0 hours

30 hours

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TOTALLY online (UPV educational platform: PoliformaT). The language of the course is English (notes, exams, videos, etc.).


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30 h


Fee Target
200 € General public 
100 €  Second enrollment of students who did not complete their studies in previous editions
200,00 € - Público en general - General enrollment
100,00 € - Second enrollment of students who did not complete their studies in previous editions


Learning objective - The course will enable water supply practitioners to independently lead the planning, design, implementation, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic water pumping systems. Moreover, the participants will become conversant on how to perform economic Life Cycle Cost Analysis of solar pumping systems, so that costing comparisons between solar and other pumping technologies scan be easily established

Who this course is for

Applicant profile - The most suitable profiles for easily following the course are:
• Water technicians and engineers working in humanitarian and development contexts (NGOs, United Nations agencies, government water offices, donor agencies).
• Senior engineers and technicians in any field: electronics; electricity; mechanics; industrial; civil; environmental; forestry; etc.
• Graduates in physics, chemistry, etc.
• Students in training cycles and professional formation.
• Technical office staff.
• Electrical installers and other professionals who seek complementary and applied training in the field of solar PV water pumping.
• Individuals interested in owning a photovoltaic water pumping installation, etc.

Due to the duration and contents of the course ‘SOLAR POWERED WATER SYSTEMS’, these studies are aimed at students with university degrees or professional training related to water, energy and/or environmental sustainability.


  • Pablo González Altozano Profesor/a Titular de Universidad
  • Salvador Seguí Chilet Profesor/a Titular de Universidad

Didactic Methodology and assessment procedures

* Training material in the online platform (PoliformaT): class notes, slides, examples, videos, exams.
* Online tutorials on asynchronous forum open for doubts and questions.
* Webinars for resolution of doubts and extending course contents.
* Training oriented to the application of the technology.
* All training material is in English.
* On-line test exams in PoliformaT. One exam per module.


Detailed course program:
Module 0: Introduction to Solar PV energy and Solar Powered Water Systems in Humanitarian and Development Contexts.
Module 1: Main Definitions and Principles of PV Solar Energy Production.
Module 2: Solar powered water system configurations and components.
Module 3: Factors influencing solar photovoltaic energy production.
Module 4: Design of a Solar Powered Water Scheme
Section 4.1 - System planning.
Section 4.2 - Manual calculation.
Section 4.3 - Using PVWPS design software.
Module 5: Electrical and mechanical installation
Section 5.1 - Equipment and control.
Section 5.2 - Installation process.
Module 6: Practical aspects related to solar powered water pumping.
Module 7: Calls for proposal and bidding.
Module 8: Economic analysis - life cycle cost for different pumping technologies.
Module 9: Testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance.
Module 10: Long term management of Solar Powered Water Systems.

Check the specific conditions of the activity